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Since 1984, Williamsburg Orthodontics has been focused on creating beautiful smiles and treating everyone in the community with kindness. In 2021, Williamsburg Orthodontics is focused on creating beautiful smiles on the faces of the virtual crowd when they see our dancing masterpiece…or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves. We are looking forward to supporting two great causes in our community and joining such a great group of dancers, choreographers, and organizers to put on a fun show!

Dr. Wendell: He’s been practicing orthodontics in Williamsburg for 36 years but he’s been dancing since he was in the womb. He’s been serving the community since the day he got here and knows that it’s finally time for everyone to know what he was born to do…dance. The man is so flexible on the dance floor that his junior high friends called him Gumby.

Dr. Patti Eppright: Her first success in the dancing world came with the early 2000s hit game, Dance Dance Revolution. After that, her cheerleading career led her to develop many other dance moves and now she can be seen dancing around the kitchen with her 5 year old daughter, Quinn, on a nightly basis.

Dr. Matt Eppright: As a high schooler, he spent his Friday nights at the under 18 dance club where he gained a false sense of confidence that he could actually dance. Dr. Patti would say that he can’t dance but he’s going to train like a montage from “Rocky” to see if he can improve his skills before this competition.

Brooke: Some would say that she’s the top performer of “Copperhead Road” that Texas Roadhouse has ever seen. Nowadays, she can be caught dancing in the clinic especially when “Spice Girls” Radio is on.

Alison: At first, she pretended that she wasn’t interested in this competition and didn’t want to be on the team. Then her mom told us that she’s been practicing Jabbawockeez routines in front of her mirror for the last few years in anticipation of this moment.

Courtney: “It’s time for the percolator!” Turn this on and Courtney will come running to the dance floor. In fact, any song will bring Courtney running to the dance floor.

Koryn: Dating back to her roller derby days, she’s developed more rhythm on roller skates than most can dream of having on their own two feet. 

Marci: Her top hobby is creating excel spreadsheets…and we’re not kidding. She’s already made an excel spreadsheet to chart our dance progress and it’s going to be the key to our success.

Erica: She’s been to Carter Mountain Apple Orchard more than anyone we’ve ever met. What does that have to do with dancing? Absolutely nothing…we’re just hoping she can dance.

Jess: She’s told us that she holds the record for most applause after a karaoke performance and that a banner hangs in a West Point restaurant to prove that. We’ve checked Google many times…the restaurant doesn’t exist. Perhaps she can lead us to the loudest applause in this dance competition though!

Julie: We’re banking on the hope that she’ll have more rhythm than anybody on our team since she was a champion baton twirler in high school!
Lisa: Her husband is a professional DJ so we’re hoping that the musical talent has rubbed off on her!

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Comments 94

  1. Looking forward to competing against people that I consider to be legitimate friends! Bring it on!! *Spirit fingers*

  2. We love Williamsburg Orthodontics. The doctors and the staff are amazing and you couldn’t ask for better results! They do so much for our community without ever wanting or expecting credit !

  3. We love how Williamsburg Orthodontics continuously raises the bar on KINDNESS and helping another! Here’s to being amazing in the dance off!

  4. The Institute for Dance’s Lisa Carducci-Deringor + Williamsburg Orthodontics = championship combination!

  5. Keep on dancing Matt!
    Proud to know you’re doing more than just straightening teeth in my old hometown.
    I went to school on the Ancient Campus…smile!

  6. Thanks for your hard work and commitment to the community Matt! Cheers from all of us here at Southern Bank and Trust!

  7. This office has been stars dancing around those busy chairs for 36 years ! Can’t wait to watch this team of dancers ! ❤️

  8. Love the hilarious bios! Kudos to an all-star team, both in the office and (hopefully!) on the dance floor😊

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