Mike Trowbridge

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Retired Military – 25 years, Air Force

Employed with City of Hampton – Assessor of Real Estate – Title Examiner

Started dancing with mom around house.

Adolescence stopped that, fast forward to surprise birthday party for mom.

Asked me to dance with her and I stepped all over her feet and promised myself I would never do that again, started taking lessons.

Met this pretty lady giving dance lessons in Korea. No brainer.

Got serious and started competing on the Country dance circuit. Lots of practice, fighting & lessons when…were blessed to win several 2001-03 competitions and finally Worlds 2003 in the Netherlands.

Took a total break from dancing in 2004. Tired of practice, fighting & lessons.

Something was missing.

14 years later, started – again! 

Mike is dancing with Kate Langbehn.
Click Here to See Kate’s Profile

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