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Virtual Fundraising Ideas
  • Virtual Game Night: Charge a price of admission and host a game night! Whether is a battle in Among Us! or a traditional game like
  • Virtual Game Options:
  • Zoom Game Options:
  • Virtual Class: If you or anyone in your organization has any strong skillset, offer a class! You can also recruit a professional to volunteer to host a class. Set up a private event, charge admission, and teach your skill! Ideas for classes:
  • Cooking, Yoga, Photography, Dance, and Drawing/ Painting
  • Virtual Concert: Do you know a local musician? See if a band or an ensemble that is willing to perform in a virtual concert and charge for tickets. You can even ask the talent to do a special Q&A session after their performance or take requests to add to the live experience.
Fundraising Additional Thoughts
  • Email Template: Invite friends and family to vote for your team with a personal email
  • Share Our Posts:  Make sure to follow Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars, then share our posts to your FB page

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